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Thinglist. The Want Todo App

Posted May 24, 2013 by Ryan Walton in News

Thinglist is just that. Things in list format that you want to do. There are no dates to set. No timers to remind you. The application is a no frills way to keep track of stuff you want to get to. You a presented with 9 categories in which to choose from in your effort to remember. These range from bars you was to visit, people you may have met or products you want to buy. In an earlier version of the app, there wasn’t a way to sort through your categories, it was a one page screen where scrolling was key. In the newest update, it seems as the suggestions from many including myself were heard, you can now sort my categories. To be perfectly clear this was major. As your items begin stacking up, its clear the filter feature was a welcomed addition. The app had made it to my homepage and I don’t see it leaving.

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