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Android And iPhone HomeScreen Inspiration

Posted May 30, 2013 by Ryan Walton in News

Android users no doubt have much more customization options when it comes to their devices, iPhone users have more options of apps to download. Unfortunately this creates a problem for all of us. There are just too many choices of apps to download, themes to use, widgets to install and launchers to run. Thankfully for both audiences a repository of sorts has been made to help each of us out. MyColorScreen and HomeScreen.Me are sites dedicated to users for users. By allowing each person who signs up the ability to upload a screenshot of their individual homescreens we can see tons more things to install or run than we otherwise may have. MyColorScreen is a fantastic site that is for the Android market, and HomeScreen.Me is made for the iOS crowd. is a little outdated as most of the devices shown are iPhone 4/4s not the updated 5, however there are definitely are some out there. Hopefully the site will continue to be updated, or another site takes its place. In the meantime if you are looking for something to make your phone a bit more personal, or just looking for a new cool app to test out, head over to one of these two sites.

HomeScreen.Me and MyColorScreen


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