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iOS 7 Hands On Preview and UDID Giveaway

Posted June 10, 2013 by Joon Lee in News

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    I have been testing iOS7 on my iPhone 5 for the past week. Being truthful I fell a little tepid regarding the whole experience. After years of design advancement why have Apple made the decision to make their OS look like a poor cousin of Microsoft’s Windows 8. On the other side it seems to have borrowed heavily from Android. Now you can swipe up to turn on/off WIFI, blue tooth, very similar to Android.To conclude I love: Newsstand, the built-in flashlight, screen transition, new compass user interface and mail interface.

    I don’t like: no bulk erase function inside the mail application, it’s still message by message deletion. The pseudo windows interface and menu movement. The settings menu is a little a waste land of white space. Just like an aging husband and wife I am finding more faults with it as time passes but I grow to love it the more time I spend with it.

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