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ADOPTED Releases Stunning Cushion Wrap Case for iPhone 5

Posted July 24, 2013 by .Omar Correa in News

ADOPTED marked their one-year anniversary on the Fourth of July, christening their new headquarters in Soho, New York. From this exciting vantage point, they’ve launched what is perhaps their most compelling product yet – the Cushion Wrap Case for iPhone 5. Available for $49.95 in nine spirited colors, this distinctive case is carried exclusively in the Adopted Shop.

Leveraging the same non-conductive, metallized frame as their Red Dot Design award-winning Leather Wrap Case, the Cushion Wrap Case couples the patent-pending frame with upholstered soft-grip silicone panels for maximum comfort and wear.

“We’re really proud of these. The soft-grip silicone has a pillowed contour that just feels great in the hand,” says ADOPTED COO Nora Levinson. Not only do they look beautiful, the pairing of materials offers substantial protection and complements the clean lines of the iPhone 5 perfectly. “People love how our genuine leather cases patina over time, but there are also those customers who wanted something stain-resistant and stable. We really listened to them with the Cushion Wrap,” says CEO David Watkins.

The Cushion Wrap’s innovative construction is a testament to ADOPTED’s considered approach to design, detail, and exceptional materials. “We developed the Leather Wrap case while some of us were in Shanghai and San Francisco, Amsterdam – kind of spread around the world,” says Watkins. “Bringing the design and development teams together in New York means we not only have a more interactive internal process, but it’s already opened us up to collaborations with outside partners who are looking for new ways to elevate their brands,” says COO Levinson, “It’s really exciting to be in New York – it’s such an epicenter of fashion and design. We feel really inspired to be able to take tech accessories to that same level of quality and refinement we see around us.” The new Cushion Wrap Case by ADOPTED certainly delivers on this promise.

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