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Sprng: Stop Earpod Fallout

Posted August 15, 2013 by Ryan Walton in Uncategorized

Sprng™ clips Installation Instructions from ohm industrial designers inc on Vimeo.

Most of us who own Apple iOS products realize the headphones which accompany our devices are not the most ergonomic in the world. We have come to  terms that our headphones will more than likely fall out at the slightest jostle of our head, neck, shoulders, torso legs or feet. This is where OHM steps in. Instead of springing for a new set of headphones. Pun intended. They have set out to give up the ability to adapt our headphones to better suit us. SPRNG is a small accessory that slides or snaps into place on each Earpod. This allows you to position each bud into your ear without worry of it falling out at the worst time. Designed with fit and finish in mind, this give the tiny bit an extreme Apple-esque feel. Priced at $10 with free shipping to the United States and Canada, you wont break the bank. The Earpods were an evolution of decent product into a better one. SPRNG adds to that even more.


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