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Life Beyond Microsoft Word: 3 Alternatives for Mac Users

Posted August 28, 2013 by Alexis Giostra in Computer

When I was in high school and college, I thought Microsoft Word was the be all and end all of word processors. For some reason, it was always the suggested software, and I get it, if you need to email your paper in to a professor they need to be able to read the file so consistency among word processors was important. Almost immediately after graduating college I switched my default word processor from Word to Apple’s Pages and felt in some small way that I had some control over my life. From now on, no one would tell me what word processor I needed to be using! It was freeing and of course, being that I am a major tech and productivity geek, I ended up discovering a whole world of word processors beyond my wildest dreams! Here are three Word alternatives for Mac that I use and love!




Out of all the word processors out there in the world, I believe that Scrivener is one of the best, if not the best of them all. This may seem like very hefty praise, but as someone who writes a lot, from blog posts, to magazine articles, to novels, I can safely say there is no finer software for writers. Not only does the app help you organize multiple pieces or long pieces of writing, it also organizes your images, research, notes, etc! To top it off, Scrivener can export to a wide variety of formats, not just to word document, but also to epub format and the kindle device format! If you are someone who is serious about writing, this is the app to buy!




WriteRoom became a popular application for its most important and singular feature, that the app full screens your writing so that you have nothing but a blank screen and a blinking cursor to help you stay distraction free while writing. This simple app brings you to a genuinely immersive experience with your writing and whether you are a college student who has trouble focusing or a professional who needs to remove themselves from constant notifications and emails, this software can really help increase your productivity. It is not a full featured word processor to say the least, but if you find the sterile business like environment of MS Word too formal to write in, this application could help set you free!



IA Writer

IA Writer is an application that is quite similar to WriteRoom but with a few more key features. It too provides the writer with a distraction free writing environment, but it also implements simple, yet powerful text editors and advanced formatting options. Overall, these features are the bare bones of what you will need to focus, write, edit and prepare your document for printing or sharing. IA Writer is also unique because it also comes in an iPhone and an iPad version, so that you can keep your documents in sync and edit them across multiple devices.


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