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I Bought an iPad, Now What?

Posted September 11, 2013 by Alexis Giostra in Tablet

Congratulations! You have made an excellent decision in purchasing an iPad or iPad mini! If it took you this long to jump on the iPad bandwagon I can only assume that you were either financially unable to purchase one sooner, or were completely unsure of the whole “tablet computer thing!” I can’t help you much with the first situation but let me say that you have certainly made an excellent investment with the iPad! As for the second concern, I understand that since the release of the original iPad, the tablet market has blown up with every size and sort of tablet device imaginable and with the plethora of Android tablets available at all price points, let me just say “Good Job selecting an iPad!” You made the right choice! But now that you have your new (or used, not judging!) iPad your probably wondering what you should do next to get the most enjoyment and life out of the device! This quick start guide is going to explain all the things you should do with your device as soon as possible!

1. Get your iPad some Coverage

You just dropped a whole bunch of Benjamin’s on this single piece of technology. Is it a flimsy device that is prone to breakage with day-to-day use? No, but its a solid piece of aluminum and glass and you can damage it with a simple fall or accident! So, protect the little guy and get him a case! There are loads of cases out there on the market that range from dirt cheap to prohibitively expensive, and can be as simple as a sticker to prevent scratches or a completely waterproof system. I would stay away from both extremes and try to find a decent style case with good coverage that doesn’t add too much bulk. Find one that fits your style and budget and find it fast!

2. Set up the “Find My iPad” Feature

iPad’s are expensive and highly visible devices making them a major target for thieves. Although the “Find My iPad’ feature won’t guarantee that your lost or stolen iPad will be returned to you, if used quickly after a theft it can greatly increase the chances of seeing your device again. There is really no reason why you shouldn’t activate this feature so do it and make sure you learn how to use the program as well in case the time ever comes when you are depending on it in a pinch!

3. Download some Great Apps

If you were confused about buying an iPad, you will certainly be even more confused about purchasing iPad apps. Its not that the process is confusing per se, but the App Store has so many similar apps that when you search for “word processor” for instance, you get hundreds of results. As a point of reference, the App Stores best sellers list is a good place to start if you’re looking for highly rated or popular applications, but it’s not the be all and end all! Don’t be afraid to spend some time searching for unique apps, just make sure you try to find a reliable review for the app online! Make sure to only download apps that have been rated a fair amount of times (I say 20, but that’s up to you!)

4. Choose your eBook Store of Choice

One of the iPad’s strengths lies in its ability to also function as a eReader. The iPad literally has an app for every eReader on the market like the Kindle or the Nook, but if you don’t already own a dedicated eReader, choosing the eBook Store you will use for your iPad can be a little tough. Apple’s eBook application is called iBooks and its a lovely app and store where you can always find a variety of books from free classics to new releases. The books on the iBook Store do tend to be priced on the higher end, which may be a turn off for you. When it doubt, downloading the Amazon Kindle App is probably the safest bet! Kindle books tend to be a little cheaper and the Amazon Kindle Store has probably the largest selection amongst the competitive eBook market.

5. Take your iPad on an Adventure

This may seem silly, but take your iPad somewhere outside of the safety and security of your own home and use it. Go to the local coffee shop to read and play games. Visit a museum and draw your own replica artwork on your device. Heck, go to the park and take pictures with your iPad’s camera! Just start using your iPad out and about in the real world and you will really begin to understand what makes the iPad such an amazing device! It will be fun, I promise!

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