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3 Reasons to Buy Last Season’s iPhone

Posted September 25, 2013 by Alexis Giostra in Mobile

This last week, the long-awaited iPhone 5s and 5c finally hit stores! Now you can pick from two new models, the 5c (the C stands for Color) or the 5s which also comes in some new colors, gold and space grey! Now, Apple is selling something like 84 different models of iPhone, which sounded outlandish when I first heard the figure, but I soon realized with some quick calculations that it was correct! Whoa! That’s a lot of iPhones to choose from! So, which iPhone model did I choose when I went to upgrade my very old, but very loved iPhone 4? An iPhone 5! Yep, last season’s iPhone, which is now discontinued! You may think I’m crazy not to have upgraded to the latest and greatest model, but I have my reasons, so I am going to review 3 of those reasons below!

1. It is half the price of a new iPhone 5s! Yep, just like the 5c is available for $100 with a new 2-year agreement, so is the iPhone 5. You may think it’s not available anymore, but Apple and most cell carriers are still selling through their stock of the 5’s, so get ‘em while you still can!

2. It has the same body as the iPhone 5s. Apple went through all that trouble to normalize the iPhone’s body for a two-year period and with the release of the iPhone 5c they have thrown all that out the door! Some theorized that the reason they created the 5c is to make a “cheaper” iPhone model, but if you look at full retail, there is nothing cheap about the device. I think the reason for the move to plastic has something to do with conserving Apple’s stock of metal for the newest device. That way there is an incentive for people to upgrade to the newest device if they want that sleek metal look, and Apple will have less issues sourcing metal since they only have to worry about it for one model instead of two!

3. “New” has become a relative term in Apple speak. Look, Apple has established that every year they are going to come out with a “new” iPhone, meaning your expensive device is only the latest and greatest for a short while. Little tweaks here and there will turn your freshly purchased 5s into a metaphorical dinosaur come next fall, or heck, even sooner if Apple pulls another stunt like they did with the iPad 4! Yes, some carriers have picked up on this by creating plans where you can pay a monthly fee to essentially lease your iPhone from them, giving you the ability to upgrade every 6 months, but for the average Joe that’s an unnecessary expense! I prefer to embrace the old rather than feel the sting of envy when a new device hits stores rendering my “new” device outdated.

So, did you upgrade to one of the new iPhone’s? Which of the 84 different models did you choose? 


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