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Outfit Your New iPhone

Posted October 9, 2013 by Alexis Giostra in Mobile

So, you went ahead and upgraded to the latest and greatest iPhone! Well, congratulations to you! Now that you have dropped a nice

chunk of change on the device itself, don’t think the spending will stop there! You still need to outfit this new little beauty with the best and sleekest accessories that money can buy.

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An iPhone Case: Since you went ahead and spent those big bucks on the newest model, don’t think you can just shove it right into your pocket and be done with it! You need a case for that baby, and one that is the perfect mix of stylish and protective. That’s why you need a Vaja Top Flip Case. They start at the $90 mark with a range of colors, but don’t worry, if the run of the mill colors aren’t your style you can customize your case for an extra fee. Don’t think your going to get this overnighted to you though, Vaja cases take nearly a month to make as they are handmade with the highest quality Argentinian leather! You could say the case is as much a work of art as the phone itself!

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A Microfiber: iHope you don’t think that your iPhone is going to clean itself? After all a full glass screen and aluminum body are bound to pick up some smudges here and there. So, make sure your cleaning your device with a high quality and dependable microfiber like Moshi’s Teraglove. For a minor $20 investment, you can keep your new iPhone as clean as the day you brought it home!

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A iPhone Dock: Let’s face it, this new iPhone of yours is too good to be charged laying down on some desk somewhere! You are going to have to invest in a decent looking dock in order to do the thing justice! I suggest this Brushed Aluminum Dock from The Lightening Dock. At about $35 these docks are nearly as sleek as the iPhone itself, and you can choose a finish to match the color of your new device!

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A Set of Headphones: One of the reasons you love the iPhone is because you love having all your music at your fingertips while your on the go. But how do you plan on enjoying that high quality sound while at work or while traveling? You are going to need a set of headphones as slim and compact, but as full of style as your iPhone itself. Enter the Bowers & Wilkins P3 Headphones. These lightweight, portable cans will set you back about $200, but they are foldable and made of some high quality metals and leathers that are sure to please your eyes as well as your ears!

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A Backup Charger: It’s no secret that the iPhone, even the newest models, have a pretty dismal battery life. If you intend to get a full day of use out of yours, you are going to need a backup battery charger! The myCharge Hub 3000 is a small, portable backup battery that runs for about $70. Not only is it small, but it also includes a built-in lightening cable so you don’t have to worry about dragging around a chord and a charger! It can also charge up to three devices at once, so you can share some juice with your friends as well! Aren’t you going to be Mr. Popular!

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