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Chromebook Developer Switch Goes Virtual

Posted October 22, 2013 by Jonathan Richards in Computer

Google’s Chromebooks are nothing new, the first having been released in December 2010.   Chromebook’s popularity and versatility have increased greatly over the past year despite their young age.   While the concept of a web-based laptop works well for certain individuals, some users just want more control – which Google has made possible here.  The developer’s switch was, for most editions, a physical switch that could require one to disassemble the unit.   The recent trend appears that the developer’s “switch” has gone virtual.  Google’s remark is that “Our partners don’t really like physical switches – they cost money.”

If you are one of those power users and would like to delve more into your Chromebook, just follow the instructions.  The new virtual “switch” is pretty simple to follow and even works with HP’s new Chromebook 11.  Google advises much caution to be taken when using the developer mode though.  They point out multiple vulnerabilities on their Chromium site.  Feel free to explore where the developer mode will take you!

Picture Credit: Google

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