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Techsgiving: 5 Must Have Apps

Posted November 20, 2013 by Alexis Giostra in Mobile

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, make sure you are prepared for any holiday emergency with these free lifesaver apps!

Skyscanner: So you booked your holiday travel plans but at the last minute you find out that your flight has been canceled! Or maybe you originally planned to stay the weekend at your Aunt Trudy’s but after explaining why you’re still single about 1400 times you decide you need to book it out of there early! No sweat, Skyscanner is a great free app that can help you find flights in a jiffy and help you save money by allowing you to compare flight costs! Never feel like your trapped at a family function again!

Hotel Tonight: So you went home for the holidays but can’t stand your siblings significant other, or perhaps some holiday guests decided to drink too much and are now passed out on the couch that was supposed to be your bed tonight. Not a problem with Hotel Tonight. As the name of the app suggests, it will help you find a place to rest your head in the event that your holiday plans just didn’t quite work out as you expected!

Yummly: Quick, your mom is stuck in holiday traffic coming home from the grocery store and needs you to start cooking some of the sides asap! What do you do? Just download Yummly, the app stores #1 free recipe app, find some easy to prepare recipes and make your momma proud!

Open Table: Okay, so dad may have started a grease fire attempting to fry the turkey and half of your house is now charred. Just take a moment to search through Open Table to make some quick, last minute dinner reservations for you and the fam and you will be hailed as the one who single handedly saved Thanksgiving!

Skylanders Lost Islands: Face it, at nearly every family gathering there is at least one child present who basically stalks you for being the cool cousin/aunt/uncle/family friend/whatever and you end up playing babysitter when you really want to be watching the game or nursing your glass of wine! So, keep this free family friendly game handy on your iDevice and hand it over to the little ankle bitter to keep them occupied while you pursue other interests. Just make sure to turn off the In-App purchases before you give your iPad or iPhone to little Susie or Tommy, and on that note make sure you have a good protective case on it as well!

 How will you be spending your Thanksgiving? What other must have apps do you suggest to get you through the holidays? Let us know in the comments!

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