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Blue Microphone Unveils Their New Mo-Fi Headphones at CES 2014

Posted January 6, 2014 by .Omar Correa in News

Blue, best known as a leading innovator in microphone technology and design, today starts the rebellion against headphone convention. Where digital music technology has advanced, headphones have lagged behind. We’ve seen dramatic advances in the quality and convenience of digital music, yet headphones –designed specifically to bring us closer to sound— have failed to bridge the gap from hi-fi to mobile. The masses have come to widely accept compromises in their headphones, settling for mobility instead of high fidelity, raw volume instead of powerful accuracy and loud bass over good bass. Headphones are the last barrier between us and the audio trapped in our digital devices. What if we liberated our music from overhyped lo-fi to true mobile hi-fi? We can. That’s Mo-Fi, true mobile high-fidelity.

Headphone is lo-fi. Mo-Fi is sci-fi.

“The market is plenty crowded with lo-fi headphones for our mobile devices. But classic hi-fi headphones are too power hungry for our mobile devices. We are ready for the next innovation in headphones and the market is ready now too,” said John Maier, CEO of Blue. “We set out to do what no one else is doing: to end the compromise music lovers make when they listen on their mobile devices. In the past, the headphone industry has approached this compromise with clever workarounds, but we simply went ahead and solved it. We’re prepared to unleash Mo-Fi, true mobile high-fidelity.”

Headphone doesn’t know Jack. Mo-Fi knows them all.

Incorporating Blue’s passion, innovation, and 20 years of audio expertise, Mo-Fi will introduce the ability to transform every track on any device. Whether you’re in your listening room plugged into a hi-fi receiver, at your desk in front of your laptop, or listening on the commute in between, Mo-Fi is the end of sacrifice.

Mo-Fi ends the tyranny of headphone compromises, ushering in genuine innovation for the new way we listen. There are over 20 billion tracks waiting to be unleashed on mobile devices, and Mo-Fi is coming to liberate them. Set yourself and your music free.

Blue is unleashing the Mo-Fi line in Spring 2014. Join the rebellion and get exclusive product previews, sneak peeks and more at:

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