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Asus Vivotab Note 8 Tablet

Posted January 17, 2014 by .Omar Correa in News

Asus is doing whatever it takes to get back in the race for tablet dominance. Enter their latest product – the Vivotab Note 8. Fully equipped with the snazziest and value-added goodies such as the entire Microsoft Office Home, Student Suite, and a Wacom digitizer and stylus, this tablet is predicted to be set at a very convincing $399. To seal the deal, Asus throws in a free copy of OneNote inside each Vivotab Note 8. But are these freebies enough for this newcomer to create ripples?

The specs
The company mentioned that this version of the Vivotab houses a quad-core Intel Atom Z370 CPU. For the uninitiated, this microchip has been used for netbooks. Now, Intel Atom processors are one of the most cost-effective chips any tablet could ever ask for (except, of course, for Apple’s A7 and M7 chips). Additionally, Asus said its battery allows for usage up to 8 hours.

It is also compatible with microSD storage cards of up to 64-gigabyte. Other internal features include 64-gigabyte of internal memory and a 2-gigabyte RAM capacity. Surprisingly, its rear camera is nothing special; it’s the front camera that is getting the HD treatment. This only means one thing – the tablet is not exactly optimized for photography or video capture (more for self portraits).

For its alleged price, the Nokia Lumia 2520 will be its nearest competitor due to its price range. On Verizon Wireless’s features tab for the Lumia tablet, it’s easy to note how the focus of this is on a totally different spectrum. Greater emphasis was given on the image capture capabilities of the Lumia, while Asus’ Vivotab had little to no innovation on that aspect.

The style
Borrowing the simple and sleek style of the Nexus series, this tablet isn’t set to revolutionize the aesthetics of gadget design anytime soon. Probably valuing comfort or function over style, it has a thickness of 0.43-inch – way off the current slim standards. However, don’t let the relative bulkiness fool you. Even with a thin exterior, the Vivotab 8 still manages to register under a pound. What’s more interesting to consumers is that the tablet also comes with the ASUS cloud storage account — the ASUS Web Storage.

The 8-inch IPS display has a screen resolution is at 1280 x 800, which is understandable for a tablet this size. For its audio component, Asus employs SonicMaster technology to bring forward the aural experience rather than the visual, which is a highly questionable move considering the competition gives highest priority to optical media.

“Developed by the team of experts in the ASUS Golden Ear team, SonicMaster audio technology uses a tailored mix of hardware and software to enhance sound quality to a level far above what you might expect from such a small device,” stated Asus on the tablet’s press release. “Rear-facing stereo speakers with large resonance chambers give rich, rounded bass, and sophisticated audio processing tools boost the frequency range to make music, movies and games sound fantastic,” the company explained further.

The stylus
Obviously, this is the company’s venture into the stylus tablet brawl. Its digitizer pen is located at the bottom of the gadget, ergonomically placed to consider those who are using the tablet while lying down. Designed with ‘premium’ Wacom technology (which many claim to be the current top-tier stylus tech), the pen is supposed to provide greater accuracy and responsiveness, perfect for graphic designers, artists, and entrepreneurs. Although a Wacom-designed stylus is surely an attractive addition, other designs have been on the radar, and might overshadow this too-little-too-late offer. Check out this non-Bluetooth fine-tipped stylus from Just Mobile which we featured a little while ago.

Tom’s Hardware reports that the device will be released early this year or on the second quarter. We can’t wait to test this sound and stylus-focused tablet; and whether it fares well against the overly image-centric competition. Will you be buying this when it goes out soon?

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