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The Rise of Brain Training Apps: Are they Fabulous or a Fad?

Posted July 13, 2015 by Daniel Rodriguez in News

In previous days, technology was considered to be the ally of large corporations and business owners. This perception has changed completely in the last two decades, as modern-day innovations have been aimed at improving everyday life for mainstream consumers and multiple social demographics. One of the biggest evolutions in recent time has been the emergence of the mobile application industry, which has developed individual resources to help enhance every aspect of everyday living.

Brian Training Apps and the Wider Technology that underpins them

Some of the most popular apps revolve around physical and mental health, with brain training resources providing a relevant case in point. These applications, which include market leading titles such as Elevate, for example, compel users to complete a series of numerical and phonetic challenges to heighten the capacity of their brains and encourage greater mental aptitude. Experts believe that individuals who use this technology regularly can encourage far greater mental alertness in later life, prolonging the quality of existence in the process.

This notion is supported by research conducted by the British Psychological Society, which recently claimed that bingo increases players’ speed of thought and mental aptitude over time. Demanding quick numerical processing skills and advanced hand-eye coordination, it includes many core elements of modern-day brain training and can have a significant impact on mental wellbeing. One particular study revealed that bingo players aged between 60 and 82 performed better when asked to scan grids for specific number sequences, despite the fact that they were matched against 18 to 40 year old individuals without any prior experience of bingo.

Our Final Thoughts

With mental health a key concern in later life and concentration known to decline with age, it is clear that brain training apps have huge merit in the modern age. William Hill bingo and similar formats are arguably even more influential, as they have an existing player base of thousands and enable individuals to sharpen their mental skills while also socializing with others in a fun and interactive environment.

With online bingo now also appealing to a broader and younger player base, there is ample opportunity for individuals to embrace this game and adopt a proactive approach to heightening their mental aptitude. Alongside the fun and potentially lucrative nature of the game, this provides a compelling argument for why everyone should want to play bingo.