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Are There Benefits Of Social Gaming?

Posted July 17, 2015 by .Tom Moccia in News

Online bingo has become a popular part of modern culture. The media continues to warn us about the potential flaws and dangers of the world of gaming, but what they fail to mention is that there are also substantial benefits to reap. Dutch researchers suggest that not only do the newer video games provide young people with compelling social, cognitive, and emotional experiences; they also can potentially boost mental health and well-being.

Playing video games/ and or bingo games may boost a persons learning capacity. You may find it irritating when the ones you love seems to spend hours on their favorite bingo websites or playing online video games for social reasons. Surprisingly there are substantial benefits to the individual who plays these games.

Youths and gaming

It has also been examined that playing computer games can actually assist a child in developing problem-solving skills, investigators have said. In numerous reports, the more adolescents reported to have being playing strategic video games, for example, role-playing games, the better and more efficient they became in problem solving and their school grades improved the following year, according to a long-term study published in 2013.

Children’s creative ability was also further enhanced by playing any kind of video game but not when the children used other forms of technology, such as a computer or mobile phone, other research uncovered. Video games can provide an individual with problem solving situations and tricky dilemmas, which ensure the individuals cognitive skills increase.

Simple and fun games that are easy to access from a computer, tablet or smartphone which can be played quickly, such as “Angry Birds,” or other gaming apps can significantly improve players’ moods, enhance relaxation and ward off anxiety, the study said. “If playing video games simply makes people happier, this seems to be a fundamental emotional benefit to consider,” said Granic.

The authors of the study also highlighted the possibility that video games are ‘effective tools for learning resilience in the face of failure.’ By learning to cope with on-going failures in games, the authors point out that children build emotional resilience they can rely upon in their everyday lives.


Many games online accessed through Apps are multiplayer and players indulge in these games by playing with their friends or favorite online accomplices. Multiplayer games become virtual social communities where players can send each other lives and gifts to help other player’s complete levels such as ‘candy crush’ and ‘pet saga’.

News and media stories discussing the video gaming world mostly ignore how video games have changed and altered in recent years to become complex, challenging, realistic, and social in their nature. Research in the last five years or so has carefully documented the benefits experienced by children and adolescents playing these new, more interactive games.