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Popular Online Games From Last Month

Posted July 23, 2015 by .Omar Correa in Mobile


Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 8.28.45 AMIf you’re looking to get a message out then a clever marketing ploy is always top of the agenda in order to filter into an audience’s subconscious. And that appears to be exactly what state initiative Energy Upgrade California is attempting with the unveiling of their new Bear Stare game. As part of their new campaign to help Californians save water adverts and TV spots featuring a large unsettling bear who gives you a disapproving stare if you’re seen wasting water are doing the rounds. This also includes a special online game that utilizes a user’s camera and face tracking in a special direct stare-off against the bear.


Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 8.28.57 AMEarlier this month saw the release of this cool little gaming gem. In a couple of months time comedian Stephen Colbert will be making his debut as the new host of CBS’s ‘The Late Show’ following the departure of long-time host David Letterman who retired from the show earlier this year. But it’s his recently released ‘choose your own adventure’ styled online game that’s got everyone talking. Taking influence from those classic text-based games of yesteryear Colbert’s “Escape” game is a brilliantly addictive and hilariously silly way of killing time.


The boffins over at Exeter University in the UK have also managed to unveil a popular new online game that’s caught the attention of gaming fans this month and this particular game is set to help tackle the ever increasing concerns over obesity. This simple game is a training tool that should help you with those pesky cravings and snacking urges. The concept trains you to avoid touching on-screen unhealthy types of food instead opting for healthier snacks which is supposedly set to become almost second nature for your unconscious mind when shopping and eating during your everyday life.


Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 8.28.36 AMDuring the height of Wimbledon this month there was plenty of action to keep IBM busy recording all the necessary statistics and insights. Their online ‘Make the Team’ game also made sure you got in plenty of virtual tennis action yourself during the championship. By using your mobile or tablet you could track rallies, predict backhand or forehand shots, identify the serves, and even predict the ball will bounce.


Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 8.28.05 AMSlot games are as popular as ever and with such choice offered by the likes of the Euro Palace affordable slots as well as many others it can be difficult to find your perfect slot experience. Playtech’s new Marvel-based superhero slot game is Captain America. Soaking up more box-office Marvel success this summer and with ’Captain America: Civil War’ lined up for release next May it’s no surprise to see people getting involved with this bonus feature heavy slot offering.

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