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How To Create the Perfect Home Cinema

Posted October 16, 2015 by JR Ramos in Lifestyle

The concept of a man cave is nothing new, although the types of technology that you integrate into this space continue to evolve with time. The same principle applies to the development of a home cinema, while devices such as Google’s Chromecast are also driving cross-platform streaming experiences and reducing the amount of hardware required. This also drives down the cost of creating a home cinema, while it could potentially add value for those who have a desire to sell their property.

With this in mind, what practical steps required to create a functional home cinema?

Distinguish between Necessary and Optional Hardware

Ultimately, your home cinema can feature a number of advanced technological devices, but while some of these are absolutely necessary there are others that are optional. It is important to distinguish between these before commencing your project, as this will ultimately help to reduce costs, drive efficiency and optimize the value of any investment. A large screen television is obviously a must, while those who intend to stream movies from multiple sources should also invest in a cross-platforming device as a priority. Devices such as a soundbar should be classed as an optional extra, as while they enhance the quality of sound this may not be necessary depending on the amount of space at your disposal.

Choose a HDTV that is right for your space

On the subject of a television, it is important to remember that this should serve as the focal point of your home cinema. There are other considerations to bear in mind too, as you should select a high definition TV that offers an excellent quality of picture and outstanding definition. It is also crucial that you select a television based on the size of the space at your disposal rather than your personal taste or ego, as this ensures that you can make the most of the room and its individual layout. So while a 60-inch screen may appeal to your sense of manliness, it could ultimately clutter your space and force you to amend your carefully laid plans.

Invest in a branded and High Quality Receiver

Once you have purchased a HDTV, the next step is to select a branded and high-quality receiver. This can be challenging, however, as there is a wide range of options available on the market (both in terms of pricing and features). While it is all too easy to be seduced by raw power and the sheer volume of HDMI inputs, there are other features that may be more relevant to the composition of your home cinema. It is therefore crucial that you make a detailed list of required features before comparing the market, as this will enable you to make the right product choice. Those of you without an iOS device should not prioritize receivers that support AirPlay, for example, while you should also make allowances for potential upgrades in the next 12 months.