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What Do You Do For Fun?

Posted November 23, 2015 by JR Ramos in News

Fun is always open to interpretation but that’s why it’s fun in the first place! – if we all enjoyed the same things then how boring would the world be really? Imagine a reality where everybody was, quite literally, living the same reality. Scores of people would gather round at a rock concert to listen to the same band playing the same musical genre in the same key on the same stage every week – every card game would be snap, and every radio station would be tuned into bleak FM. Quite simply, fun would not be fun any more.

So what is fun anyway? What can you do to access it? And more importantly, why should you do anything at all? – Well, if water is the bringer of life and gives us vitality, fun makes that vitality more worthwhile. Start enjoying it today with these activities.

1. Bingo
Bingo is an amazing way to spend your time due to the fact that it affords loads of social interaction in a really great setting there are hundred of good bingo sites on the web – this also goes for playing bingo at your local bingo hall or in the comfort of your own home online. There’s a good reason that people have been enjoying bingo for decades, and that’s because it’s a really accessible format that everyone can pick up whilst giving people the opportunity to earn some mega money in the process. The social interaction is way better in person, but the prize money and format in which it is played is arguably better online. Get bingo in your life today and start smiling. 

2. Music
You don’t have to be good at music to start playing music. If that was true, Eric Clapton would never have written Layla. Not because he can’t play, but because at one time he couldn’t, and if he’d never started trying to be good, then he would never have gotten good! No matter which instrument you choose to learn, it’s going to be a frustrating but ultimately very productive process that leaves you with a feeling of self satisfaction that few other avenues can match.

3. Movies
We all love movies! I think that’s true anyway – this is because even if you don’t like movies, there’s probably a movie about not liking movies. They’re just such a fun and accessible way to pass time and enjoy either a heart warming message laden film or an action epic that takes you on a thrill ride through numerous locations whilst meeting many exciting characters a long the way. You could probably lose years of your life searching through vast movie archives and watching the greatest films ever made, and it wouldn’t be time badly spent. In fact, it’d be immensely fun. 

4. Instagram
Instagram is one of my favorite forms of social media because of the artistic creativity it allows its users to explore – it’s not JUST a self indulgent platform for displaying ones dashing good looks in an attempt to secure a higher level of social proof (though it can easily be used for this), it’s also an amazing way for people to visually connect with each other all over the world whilst adding beautiful filters to their pictures and turning ordinary pictures into works of art. If used appropriately, it can turn already great life experiences into monumental ones.

These are just a few ideas for making life more fun, but there are millions more – follow your heart and a smile will follow!

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