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How To Fix “Operating System Not Found” And Get More Disk Space Without Buying a Bigger Hard Drive

Posted March 14, 2016 by JR Ramos in Computer

If you switch on your computer and you find a “Operating System Not Found” error message, it may seem like the end of the world, especially for a non IT person. This error message can happen for any number of reasons, like the hard drive not being properly connected, or being damaged.

So firstly check if the hard drive is properly connected. Secondly, is there any damage to the hard drive? Has it been dropped or had any other forceful impact.

If so you will need to replace the hard drive and restore your work from previous back ups. But what if it’s neither of those?

Well then we get to the fun part, the software side of things, where we have more control.

Solutions can range from easy, to very difficult, and depends on your skill level and how technical you want to get. (Don’t worry, we know most people aren’t computer geniuses and we will concentrate on the easiest ways to fix the “Operating System Not Found”)

How to Rebuild or Repair your Windows MBR (Master Boot Record)

After determining it’s not a hardware problem, the most likely culprit might be a corrupted MBR and your computer not able to access the system. Fixing and repairing an MBR drive is as easy as pie, and all you need is some mbr repair Software. This program will rewrite the Master Boot Record so that it will work again. In essence, it does all the complicated work for you, and all that you have to know is that it just works.

So how do one do this?

  1. Firstly you will need to download a Partitioning tool on a healthy working computer. (We will recommend some software at the end of the article)
  2. Connect the broken hard drive to this computer and launch the Partitioning Software.
  3. Choose the right hard drive and click “Rebuild MBR”
  4. After the Software has completed, connect the hard drive to the old computer and launch the booting procedure.

This will have most probably fixed the issue.

Another Benefit of Partitioning Software

With Partitioning Software you can also improve your boot up time, get more space on your hard drive and protect important data. Subdividing your hard drive, and partitioning your operating System like Windows 10 resize partition, is child’s play when using Partitioning Software. If you move your Windows 10 to a certain partition, you can protect it much better from virus attacks, and also free up some space. Now you must be wondering, where can I get such a Partition Tool to reap all these benefits. Well a quick google search will yield many results, but only one is worth mentioning, namely Partition Magic from EaseUS. It has the most features and have a better after support support system. So whether you want to fix and rebuild MBR, or resize your Windows 10 Partition, EaseUS is the answer.

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