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Creating A Spellbinding Magento Enterprise Site Through Splendid Designs

Posted April 21, 2016 by .Omar Correa in News

Generally, there are two primary types of online merchants: those who “do” understand the vital aspect of design and those who “will.” E-commerce website design that encompasses visual design, overall user experience, as well as content, helps to establish customer trust and brand loyalty, both explicitly and implicitly. It helps in brand identification and brand differentiation from overall competition, of which there is no dearth. When it comes to Magento Enterprise Design, there are several facets such as custom interface design, design for the experience, design specifically for your users, and design for website performance. Let’s have a closer look at these numerous facets.

Custom Interface Design

One of the most popular aspects of Magento Enterprise Edition is the full control that the platform offers when it comes to customizing the look and feel of an e-commerce portal. When it comes to user interface and visual appearance, sky is the limit. This is the primary advantage of the platform. In reality, there are thousands of pre-packaged themes and templates available; however, your brand and line of business are definitely unique. Each and every aspect of your website design needs to reflect that. Take maximum advantage of the flexibility that Magento Enterprise Edition offers when it comes to design, and make your e-commerce portal uniquely yours.

Design for the Experience

Conversion is often the primary goal of an e-commerce portal. That being said, there is more than one way to achieve it. For example, a multi-channel retailing portal competing predominantly on service and price may be extremely concerned with the overall design that enables customers to add items to their cart and checkout in the easiest way possible. On the other hand, a brand manufacturer may require designs that place extra importance on demonstrating the quality of their products or building brand loyalty and community to successfully meet the expectations and needs of their customers.

Design Specifically for your Users

Online merchants spend a large amount of time and effort scrutinizing site analytics and several other data. These findings should effectively drive decisions when it comes to website design. When you correctly identify your customers and know what tasks they are carrying out on your e-commerce portal, you can utilise such information to make significant adjustments, such as creating multiple paths when it comes to product discovery for accommodating different types of online shoppers or efficiently implementing a Solr search to offer enhanced search capabilities.

Design for Website Performance

Website performance plays a major role in transforming the overall customer experience as well as search engine optimization (SEO). Consumers are quite impatient and have access to a plethora of options rather than tolerate a portal that lags behind when it comes to precious time. The same applies for search engines. Design is a crucial factor when it comes to website performance and is primarily judged based on its ability to perform well. When it comes to design decisions keeping functionality in mind, one should exercise caution, especially in key areas of the website, such as homepage, cart, product listing page, and checkout.  

Magento Enterprise Design concepts must consider the underlying e-commerce platform, including the technical implications that come along with it. Eventually, design needs to work in tandem with development for ensuring that the site not only looks fantastic, but also scores high on performance.