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Smart Home Apps

Posted August 15, 2016 by JR Ramos in Lifestyle

Home automation is the new trend that is catching on fast with use of mobile/web apps and actuators. However, there is an issue with selecting the right application to handle all the needs. Between the two main platforms, iOS and Android, it is difficult for users to determine the best apps to use. Each of the platforms has more than 800,000 apps to choose from. This article highlights some of the apps you can use for home automation.

SmartThings is a free app offered on the iOS platform and turns the smartphone into a remote for all the devices and sensors in a home. For $300 get a SmartThing hub which comes with a variety of sensors, offering great variety and connectivity. One other is the Ninja Blocks, which are tiny cloud-enabled computers with sensors to react accordingly. The starter kit goes for $199 while sensors range between $5 and $15 dollars. WeMo is another handy device that is available on iPhone and Android devices and they can be used to make preferences on the connected devices. This sets the users back $180 dollars.

The Savant TrueControl is available for iOS and is free. This is an app that works with the Savant tow-way control system in conjunction with an Apple device such as the iPad or the iPhone. Nest is another option, free on iOS and Android. This works with the Nest Smart Thermostat at $250. Using the app the user can operate the system remotely. Control 4 MyHome is free to down load but users on both iOS and Android pay $100 dollars annually. The use has full control of their entertainment, security, lighting and energy. is free on iOS, Blackberry, Windows Phone and Android. This works with an enabled system such as Vivint’s which costs $69 plus $199 dollars for installation. The system includes GPS features to locate the user. The ADT Pulse is free on iOS and Android and alerts the user on the events at home. The hardware costs $149, installation is at $349 and activation fees are at $50 dollars. The Honeywell is also a good option available on iOS and Android. It works with the Honeywell Smart thermostat costing $250 dollars. The user can remotely control the features of their home.

The Direct TV is a bit different as it works with automating TV functions such as recording programs and favorite shows on command. One other app is the Phillip Hue which allows users to change the tone, contrast, and color of the lighting relative to their mood and further eliminated the need for a light switch. These are some of the best apps in the market for home automation.

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