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Amazing Facts About Online Gaming

Posted October 4, 2016 by JR Ramos in Computer

If there is one thing that the Internet has given gaming that has really helped it to grow it is Online Gaming. The growth and success of this style of play has not gone unnoticed and with big companies getting behind it, gaming is seeing huge growth in terms of the number of players, and the money it makes.

Whether you’re playing multi-player first person shooters, casino games on or the hugely popular League of Legends style games, there is huge profit to be made. This includes for players who are even turning their favorite pastime into a profession. With that in mind, here are some mind blowing facts about online gaming:

Online Gaming Made Huge Profits in 2015

It may seem hard to comprehend how successful online gaming is, especially as a profit making enterprise but by the end of 2015, the market was worth $41.4billion. Looking back to 2005 this value was $13.8 billion, so it goes to show that in ten year the industry has exploded. This has been helped by the evolution of technology such as mobile and tablet devices.

Tablets Give More Revenue than Smartphones

While smartphones may be more mobile than tablets, it appears that gamers prefer a bigger screen than their restrictive phones. This popularity of the tablet looks to double, taking in profits between 2014 and 2018 with the total profit looking to be 8.18 billion.

Online Bingo Has Grown Hugely Since 2008

Online bingo has grown in popularity since it became available as an online game. Since 2008 it has managed to grow 60 times in size since 2008. While some would think this style of gaming may die out, but it looks like bingo will be around for some time.

Gamers are Aging

You may think that as gamers age they leave such childish things behind. This is not true though as 30% of gamers are now aged above 50. What we have to remember is the fact that people of this generation saw the birth of gaming and stuck with it. Also the wealth of gaming options has provided them with even more game choices to play.