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Top 5 Wireless Home Products

Posted January 30, 2017 by JR Ramos in Lifestyle

When you get home, you want to make use of appliances that will not leave you grasping for cords or wall extensions just to get them started. What you need is a smart device that lets you do whatever you want and get it done right. If you are thinking along that line, then any of the products below will get you what you need:

1. Wireless Fridge Freezer
Wireless fridge freezers are on the up. They can be very expensive but people have started to purchase them more recently. With a wireless fridge freezer you are able to track what is in your fridge which is brilliant if you cannot remember whether you need some milk on your way home from work. These fridges can even play some of your favorite tunes and they have a high resolution screen which you can change temperatures of your fridge easily. If you are interested in a fridge freezer but can’t quite afford one, you might want to take a look at fridges on finance.

2. Smart Locks
At the moment, there is a number of these in the market. The smartest ones do not need you to carry a key around. You simply need to program your lock and have it working by the touch of a button from any location. Most smart locks can be controlled tens of miles away from the home and will alert you if there are any out-of-the-ordinary occurrences.

3. Security Cameras
Wireless cameras come in every single strain you can imagine and are particularly helpful if the technology used is post-modern. They can be hung from anywhere in the room and provide HD video feeds, keeping you safe and secure. Some even have a communication feature, where you can talk to the person in the room they are located. They also come with massive cloud storage options and can be accessed via Wi-Fi.

4. Amazon Echo
This is far more than just a speaker. It is a device that comes loaded with some serious capabilities, allowing you to do plenty of things at once. It is handy for streaming music, turning your gaming console on and even ordering some pizza.

5. Smart smoke detectors.
One of the best of these comes from Nest. The company does regular upgrades, and the product they have on the market at the moment is pretty powerful. It’s capable of sensing smoke and carbon monoxide from quite a distance. The piece as the ability to alert you of potential danger at all times.