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Review: Wicked Audio Solus Over Ear Headphones

Posted August 27, 2013 by in Earphones


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12/ 14


Price: $42.48 on Amazon
Included extras: Extension Cable, 3.5mm to 1/4 inch connector, Carrying Bag


Comfortable, Tangle Free Cable, Cable controls, Good Lows and Highs


Mids get muddy, All plastic material
by Tyler Miller
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The Wicked Audio Solus Over Ear Headphones are a DJ Style headphones that I would put in the category with Beats by Dre. (Beats are a stylish headphone). That being said, I’m not saying they are LIKE Beats, just that they would be in the same category of headphone (Celebrity/Stylish Headphones).

The Wicked Audio Solus headphones excel in bass and do a good job with highs. Sometimes mids get lost in the mix or are muddy but you never lose them completely and music/audio is not unbearable. These headphones just cater to bass and highs more than mids.

The Wicked Audio Solus are mostly made up of plastic so it’s build quality isn’t the greatest, but if you take good care of them and don’t throw them around you should have no issues. The padding on the ear cups is great but I think they could add some more to the headband.

The design of these headphones is very nice. I like the red on black theme and the logos and branding fit in well and it’s not overdone.

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