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Review: Canon EF 17-40mm f/4 L USM DSLR Lens

Posted March 17, 2014 by in Camera Accessory


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Price: $709
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Great entry level lens into Canon's L series of lenses. It's light weight, versatile, and weather proof.


Even though its the cheapest of Canon's L series of lenses, it's still $700 which is probably the cost of your Canon DSLR. It does distort slightly and round off the edges of your images, but it's only noticeable on photos with straight lined objects.

This is not only the lightest but also currently the least expensive of Canon’s L Series of Lenses. Check out our full review and see what we thought of it.

by .Omar Correa
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This is not only the lightest but also currently the least expensive of Canon’s L Series of Lenses. It’s surprisingly light weight, but still feels solid and it’s made of high quality materials. Not only are the zoom and focus rings buttery smooth, but they’re also all internal. This really helps in making it a sealed weather-resistant lens, which keeps dust and moisture out. This is a full frame lens and according to their site, it’s more like a 27-64mm lens with a camera that has a APS-C sized sensor. It doesn’t come with IS or Image stabilization but it doesn’t really need it, especially when shooting at 17mm. It’s really great at tight crisp close up shots and it can focus at 11 inches away. And speaking of focus this lens is super quick when it comes to locking on subjects and it’s very quiet as well which makes it great for shooting video, especially with cameras that feature auto focus like the canon 70D.

Keep in mind, when shooting at the widest angle of 17mm it will distort slightly and round off a bit of the image but it’s only obvious with straight lined objects or wide horizon lines.
I also noticed a little bit of softness in the corners as well, but if your using it with a cropped sensor Canon DSLR, you probably won’t notice it.

Overall this is a great lens and definitely one that you can use on a regular basis. For around $700 it’s a great bang for you buck.

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