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Review: EC Technology Seflie Stick

The EC Technology Selfie Stick is a pretty good selfie stick! Check out the full review here and see if you should pick this selfie stick up!


Review: Logitech MX Master Mouse

The Logitech MX Master review is here! The MX Master is Logitech’s newest flagship mouse. I’ve used the Performance Mouse MX and the Logitech G700s in the past and I compare the MX Master against them. Make sure to...

First Impressions: HP 14″ Chromebook Laptop

Here are my First Impressions for the HP 14″ Chromebook. I have never used a Chromebook let alone own one, so here’s what I think of it so far. Hope you guys enjoy! If you’re interested in purchasing this lapt...


Review: Nintendo Mario Amiibo Character

Mario amiibo review time! Mario is one of the most popular characters out there, so his amiibo better look good! Also, we talk about amiibos and how they are coming to other franchises….Legend of Zelda anyone? The ratings...


Review: Spigen Slim Armor Case for iPhone 6 Plus

Here’s my review of the Spigen Slim Armor Case for the iPhone 6 Plus! This is the first Spigen case I’ve gotten a chance to get my hands on, and I am happy with how it’s performed! Leave a like and let me know...


Review: LG G Smart Watch

The LG G Watch is the first Android Wear device that I’ve used, so how does it feel, look, and work stacked up against the Moto 360? I talk about a few comparisons (might do a full fledged comparison video in the future) ...


Review: Moto 360 Android Wear Smart Watch

Time to dive into what I think is the best Android Wear device out there! The Moto 360 is the first device to have an all circular screen (even though some of it is chopped off thanks to some necessary internal components, but ...

Moto 360 Smart Watch Unboxing, Setup & First Impressions

Moto 360 Unboxing time! Yes, it is here! And early! In this video I don’t only unbox the Moto 360, but I show you how to set it up with your smart phone and compare it with the LG G Watch and give you my overall first imp...


Review: Fancier FT-717 AH Tripod Head

The Fancier FT-717 AH Tripod head is an affordable tripod head that is solid contender against much pricier heads! It has very smooth panning, both vertical and horizontal, and has an extendable tripod arm which is a feature th...


Review: Blacksmith-Labs Holster Case for Nexus 5

The Blacksmith-Labs Bruno Holster is a genuine leather holster with a nice and sturdy metal clip. I’m not much of a holster person, but I really enjoyed this one! If I would be able to take off the clip, it would have bee...