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CES 2017: Lander’s New Moab Outdoor Case

Lander showed us their new Moab Outdoor iPhone 7 case which packed some interesting tech inside for handling extreme weather situations. Special thanks to our CES sponsors: Cyber...

iPhone 7 Camera vs iPhone 6s

If you’ve ever wondered what the difference is in the quality of photos and video between the iPhone 7 and 6s, then this is the video for you.

Will iPhone 6 Cases Fit the iPhone 7?

One of the big questions that always pops up with every version of the iPhone, especially when it has the same form factor as the previous iteration, is if it fits the same cases as the iPhone before it. This has been a questio...

iPhone 7 Unboxing and 6s Comparison

In this video I give you an unboxing of the iPhone 7 in black and I also show some physical comparisons with the iPhone 6s.

The Top 5 Features That The iPhone 7 Should Include

We’re slowly approaching the release date of the iPhone 7 and as usual there is much to read online in regards to component leaks and possible form factors. Now, even though the iPhone 7 is expected to have a similar des...

The Reuben Singh App – Why Entrepreneurs Should Download This App

There are plenty of business-related apps on the market at the minute, but how many of them are created by one of the UK’s top-tier entrepreneurs? This brand new app from Reuben Singh contains all the knowledge, advice and sk...

element case black ops iphone 6

Review: Element Case Black Ops Case for iPhone 6/6s

This is my new favorite case for the iPhone 6s. Check out the review to find out why.