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Samsung Galaxy S4 Unboxing

The Samsung Galaxy S4 has been one of two Android devices to take the country by storm since it’s launch date. ¬†Within the week, Samsung will have sold over 10 million S4’s, making it the fastest selling smartphone...


Sony Xperia ZL Review

Check out our review of the Sony Xperia ZL with a 5 inch screen, 13 megapixel camera, Quad Core 1.5 Ghz processor with 2GB of RAM and 4G LTE.


Samsung Galaxy S4 Review

The S4 is a great upgrade from the S3. Samsung still has some work to do, but there's no doubt that they're trying to push the envelope and add some interesting functionality to this phone.

Speed Test: HTC One vs iPhone 5

The HTC One and the iPhone 5 are two of the best and most popular phones on the market. This test is to show the speed difference between the iPhone and HTC One in real world use. Benchmarks mean nothing when it comes to actual...


HTC One Review

The HTC One is one of the best smartphones on the market. It has superb build quality using aluminum and glass, an amazing 4.7'' 1080p display, great Beats Audio forward facing speakers, an Ultrapixel camera and much much more....