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An iPhone Lovers First Impression & Unboxing of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Anyone that knows me, knows I’m strictly an iPhone user. I’ve been using the iPhone and only the iPhone since the first one launched in 2007. That being the case, I’ve never actually given the Android operati...


Review: EC Technology Seflie Stick

The EC Technology Selfie Stick is a pretty good selfie stick! Check out the full review here and see if you should pick this selfie stick up!

Popular Online Games From Last Month

BEAR STARE If you’re looking to get a message out then a clever marketing ploy is always top of the agenda in order to filter into an audience’s subconscious. And that appears to be exactly what state initiative Energy Upgr...

The Best Smartphone Strategy Games & Apps

PLANTS VS ZOMBIES 2: IT’S ABOUT TIME PopCap Games followed up their popular tower defense effort with their 2013 sequel which not only gives you the chance to continue battling an onslaught of hungry zombies with a powerful s...


Review: Sennheiser ClipMic Digital iOS Lapel Microphone

Check out one of the first lapel mics for iOS devices with a lightning connector. Sennheiser has definitely stepped up their mobile recording game with the ClipMic Digital. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality it was able ...