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Review: IDAPT Modulo – A Stackable Portable Battery

The Modulo was a successfully launched Kickstarter product from IDAPT that received 552% of it’s goal funding by the end of the campaign. It’s now currently available for pre-order, so check out our review and order...


Review: Choetech Qi Wireless Charger

The Choetech Qi Wireless charger works seamlessly with my Nexus 5 and Nexus 7! Although you don’t get 100% charge efficiency with wireless chargers, this one does a pretty good job! The only downfall about this charger is...


Review: Odoyo PowerShell EX Battery Case

This battery case for the iPhone 5/5s is great if you are a heavy user, or just don't want to worry about running out of battery on the go! Check out Matt's full review.

Sneak Peak: iQi Wireless Charging Prototype

This is our sneak peak of the iQi Wireless Charging prototype for iPhones with lightning connectors. Check out their Indiegogo campaign and click below to show your support.


Review: Just Mobile AluCables and Highway Car Chargers

View our review of Just-Mobile's new AluCables and Highway series car chargers.

IndieGoGo: iQi Mobile Wireless Charging For iPhone

iQi Mobile is smaller and thinner than your credit card, at only 0.5mm at its thinnest point. iQi Mobile has a Qi standard wireless charging receiver with a uniquely designed lightning connector attached via an ultra-flexible t...

Outfit Your New iPhone

So, you went ahead and upgraded to the latest and greatest iPhone! Well, congratulations to you! Now that you have dropped a nice chunk of change on the device itself, don’t think the spending will stop there! You still need ...


Review: RAVPower 14,000 mAh Battery Pack

We all have devices with batteries, and they all eventually run out. Having an external battery pack like the RAVPower 14000 mAh Power Bank could save your device from dying. Check out the review for more!


Review: Calibre Ultra’Go Mini Power Station Battery

Watch Justin's review of the Calibre Ultra'Go Mini 3500mAh backup battery for your mobile device.