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Review: SwitchEasy LifePocket Wallet iPhone 6 Case

So today’s review is of the LifePocket wallet style case for the iPhone 6 from SwitchEasy. It’s probably one of the nicest wallet style cases I’ve ever reviewed and it definitely deserves our Editors Choice Aw...


Review: Otterbox Symmetry iPhone 6 Plus Case

We finally got our hands on our first iPhone 6 Plus case to review for you. Thankfully Otterbox was nice enough to send us this sample. Check out the video and post your questions in the comment section.


Review: SwitchEasy Wrap Leather iPhone 6 Flap Case

Watch our full review of SwitchEasy’s leather flap case, the Wrap. It’s definitely a good bang for your buck.


Pure-Gear iPhone 6 Dualtek Extreme Shock Case

Today we review the Dualtek Extreme Shock Case from Pure-Gear for the iPhone 6. Does it truly provider as much protection as it’s name implies? Check out the review to find out.


Review: Speck CandyShell iPhone 6 Case

I’ve been reviewing the Speck CandyShell since the iPhone 3G and it’s still one of my top 3 favorite cases for my iPhone. Check out this review and see if the streak continues with the newest version for the iPhone 6.

Bonus Drop Test Footage from our BodyGuardz Pure iPhone Stress Test

If you saw our iPhone 6 Stress Test video and are hungry for some more carnage then check out some bonus clips that didn’t make it into the full video. It really shows you how much protection BodyGuardz’s Pure scree...


Review: Element Case Soft-Tec iPhone 6 Case

Check out our review of this iPhone 6 case from one of our favorite case companies, Element Case. In this review we discuss the Soft-Tec flap case.